Web Analytics is an emerging concept which reflects the increasing significance of data, generated by the Web, in terms of its growing volumes, variety, and velocity. Web Analytics has been growing ever since the development of the World Wide Web. It has grown from a simple function of HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) traffic logging to a more comprehensive suite of usage data tracking, analysis, and reporting.

In the business context, Web Analytics is used for different purposes, including traffic monitoring, e-commerce optimization, marketing/advertising, web development, analyze and improve online customer experience and website profitability, information architecture, website performance improvement, web-based campaigns/programs, etc.

Throughout the International Conference on Managing Business through Web Analytics: Strategies, Guidance and Best Practices, we plan to focus more directly on Web analytics and its role in the formulation and the orientation of the businesses’ strategies. Moreover, this conference will provide insights and support from practitioners and academia in order to highlight the most debated aspects of the field.

Therefore, the aim of this conference is to determine the importance of the advanced Web Analytics metrics in the business context and explore the most relevant Web Analytics Applications that businesses need to understand and manage, in order to increase the effectiveness of their strategies and operationalize their practices.